The Interactive Party with Scott Evans brings Today’s Hits with fun and interactive features for your listeners.  Requests, countdowns, Social Interactions, and the most fun on your radio for either Saturday or Sunday nights.

Show info:

  • 5 Hour weekly show ideally to air 7p-midnight or overnights local time either Saturday or Sunday night
  • Barter: 2 minutes per hour, all in show (no ROS*) with 8 minutes of local availability per hour
  • Segments: 4 per hour
  • Local IDs/Sweeps availability per hour: 6 per hour
  • As many local liners as you need. Scott will work with you to make the show sound as local as possible and tying in your promotions or things going on in your community.
  • Target Demo: F18-34
  • Formats: Top 40
  • Delivered via Dropbox by Friday morning
  • No time restrictions but designed for Saturday or Sunday nights


Top 40 Sample Hour

If you are looking to add a fun upbeat show to your station, contact Scott today at 859-547-6712 or